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Our physicians at the Hand and Microsurgery Medical Group, Leonard Gordon, MD and Joshua Gordon, MD, are a father and son team specializing in upper extremity and hand surgery in San Francisco, CA. Cumulatively, they have nearly five decades of experience and have treated thousands of patients for orthopaedic conditions of the elbow, forearm, wrist and hand. They have expertise in treating patients of all ages, from young children to the elderly.

They are happy to care for patients with the simplest of problems and are amply prepared to help patients with the most difficult conditions, including the complex traumatic injuries that often require broad knowledge combined with creative problem-solving skills. With their specific sub-specialty training in orthopaedic hand surgery, exemplary clinical judgment, surgical talent and experience, our team is highly qualified. Our doctors are fully committed to providing patients with the honest opinions and reliable, compassionate care that has earned them a well-deserved reputation as trusted physicians in the community. To arrange for a consultation with our physicians, please call the appointment desk or fill in our on-line appointment form.

To become a hand surgeon, a medical school graduate must complete a five to six year general orthopaedic or plastic surgery residency training program and continue on to do additional specialized fellowship training in hand and microsurgery. It is this training that allows hand surgeons to provide the very best care for issues related to the elbow, forearm, wrist and hand.

Hand Surgeons located in San Francisco

Don't compromise when it comes to taking care of yourself. Give yourself the best care available.

The hands have been described as an extension of the human brain; their intricate movements and dexterity define much of our humanity. Our hands allow us to express our emotions, write, play musical instruments, participate in sports, and build objects among many other pursuits; they enable us to navigate the world and achieve our dreams. We understand how important your hands are to you and have dedicated ourselves to helping all of our patients preserve the hand function and dexterity needed to lead fulfilling and enjoyable lives.

The position and complex activities of the hand, wrist, forearm and elbow leave them exposed to injury, whether through repetitive use in specific activities, acute trauma or medical disease. People are far too frequently left without the full use of their hands; this can wreak havoc on daily life. If left unattended, hand problems can lead to long lasting damage and functional deficits. To avoid such outcomes, it is important to seek immediate treatment to ensure the best possible result.

Who Is Eligible for
Hand Surgery?

There is no specific age requirement to choose hand treatment or surgery. Any person who experiences intense pain, loss of mobility or has abnormal growths on their hands or wrists, can seek advice about surgery.

The doctors at the Hand and Microsurgery Medical Group will first consult with you to understand your unique medical requirements. They will analyze your medical history and decide whether surgery is the best option for you or not.

hand surgery san francisco

When should you
consider hand surgery?

Surgery is usually always the last treatment option that doctors recommend to patients. But sometimes, non-surgical treatments fail to give you the relief you're looking for. So when should you consider surgery?

When injuries lead to extensive hand damage

Severe fractures, tendon & ligament tear, broken wrist, a botched amputation and severe sprain in the hand, may require surgical intervention to fuse bones together, replace joints, patch-up the tear in tissues and relieve pressure on the nerves inside the hand.

When trauma affects your hand mobility

Sometimes, sports injuries and accidents can lead to severe injuries in the hand, which can affect its range of movement. If you experience pain, swelling, tenderness and inflexibility in your hand (and the symptoms remain for more than a day), you should consult the doctor regarding the need for surgery.

When disease affects the health of your hand

Certain cancerous growths and degenerative bone conditions may lead to the weakening of your hands and wrists, finally resulting in complete loss of muscle and mobility. Timely surgery can prevent this from happening, by excising the diseased area completely and preserving healthy hand tissue.

When benign growths affect the beauty of your hand

Sometimes, non-cancerous and non-life threatening lumps and fluid-filled bumps can form on the hand. These can make your hands look gnarled and knotted. Surgery is one of the best ways to remove these growths and restore your hands to their natural beauty.

When post-trauma recovery isn’t as expected

If your previous hand treatments have failed to give you the relief you need, then surgery may be necessary to ensure quick healing and recovery.

The Right Surgeons,
The Exact Treatment

Why choose us?

  • Physicians with nearly 50 years of combined experience and expertise in the field of orthopaedic hand surgery.
  • Physicians who specialize in only hand surgery-related cases.
  • Trusted family-run practice.
  • Wide range of treatment options available and tailored specifically for you.
  • Physicians who are highly-qualified in treating all age groups, including pediatric and geriatric patients.
  • State-of-the-art medical technology.
  • Highly-personalized services.
  • Doctors who care for you as though you are family
  • Welcoming local, national and international patients.

Hand and Microsurgery Medical Group Services

Fractures of the hand and wrist are very common. They’re also very painful and can prevent you from doing what you love.

At our center, Dr. Joshua Gordon, MD and Dr. Leonard Gordon, MD are some of the most extensively trained and experienced hand surgeons San Francisco has to offer when it comes to treating fractures in the wrists and hands. If you’ve experienced any of the symptoms mention above or think that you might have a fracture in your hand or wrist, contact our office immediately. It is imperative that your pain is diagnosed by a professional as soon as possible to ensure no permanent damage takes place due to neglect. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have.

This surgery treats the tendons that are located at the bottom-facing area of the palm and underneath the fingers. After this surgery, the patient regains his grasping and gripping ability.

Tendons are always under some tension, and when the tendon is cut the ends separate. Healing will not occur unless the tendon ends are brought back together and kept in this position for 4-6 weeks. This requires surgical preparation, and there are many complex methods to do this. Tendons in the hand are particularly susceptible to injury from deep cuts because they lie so close under the skin.

If you are suffering from arthritis and have decided to do something about it, feel free to contact our center. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your arthritis or our treatments.

Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is directed toward relieving pain and inflammation and preventing the progression of the disease. Very significant advances have been made in the medical treatment, and these medications have made surgery much less common for this problem.

Anything that disrupts the integrity of the nerve can cause an injury. A nerve can be cut by something like a knife or a sliver from a fractured bone.

Nerve injuries in the hand and arm can cause pain, numbness, tingling and muscle weakness or paralysis, thereby limiting daily activities at work and home. Dr. Leonard Gordon is an orthopedic hand specialist who treats nerve injuries in the hand and upper extremity at Hand and Microsurgery Medical Group for residents of San Francisco, California.


Personalized, Expert
Surgical Intervention

Once it has been established that surgery is the best way forward, Joshua Gordon, MD and Leonard Gordon, MD will sit with you to plan the safest and most effective surgical path for you, one individualized to your life and expectations. Their extensive experience and empathetic natures makes them the right people to trust with your health. Their calm demeanor and professionalism will put you at ease. Our doctors have helped thousands of patients; you can rely on them for excellent care. Please contact us for more information.

Dr. Leonard Gordon

Dr. Josh Gordon


Dr. Leonard Gordon

Dr. Josh Gordon