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Addressing Tumors: Malignant or Benign

Have you noticed an abnormal bump on your hand, one which wasn’t there before?

Tumors occur when tissues begin to grow uncontrollably in the body. While some are harmless, others are dangerous and may cause further harm. Immediate treatment can help remove the tumor and restore your hands and fingers to their former beauty, while also saving your life.

Top Professionals in their Field

At Hand and Microsurgery Medical Group, Dr. Joshua Gordon, MD and Dr. Leonard Gordon, MD, specialize in tumor removal surgery. Their cumulative experience of over 40 years in the field, makes them two of the most-trusted hand surgeons in San Francisco, California. Feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment.

Cancerous Hand Tumors

Research shows that only 1%-2% of all hand tumors are malignant and cancerous. Sarcomas, which are tumors that form on soft hand tissue or bone, are cancerous hand tumors. They are also metastatic tumors, meaning, they spread from one part to another . Hand sarcomas usually spread to the lungs or the breasts if untreated. Its best to consult with Dr. Leonard Gordon or Dr. Joshua Gordon to learn how best to treat your condition.

Benign Hand Tumors

Some benign hand tumors go away by themselves in time. However, if you wish to restore the appearance of your hand or you’re worried that the tumor may be malignant, you can visit the Hand and Microsurgery Medical Group for more focused treatments. Typically, radiation therapy and surgery are suggested to patients with hand tumors. The choice of the treatment is decided by Dr. Leonard Gordon and Dr. Joshua Gordon, after their consultation with you. They will use your medical history and your treatment expectations as a guide to choose the best procedure for you. If you require prosthetics after treatment, they can also help you select and fit the right prosthetic

Manifestations of Tumors

Tumors in and on the hand generally manifest in 3 types. These 3 common hand tumors are benign tumors. They include:

  • Ganglion cysts

Ganglion cysts are the most common hand and wrist tumors. They occur at the base of the finger and around the finger joints. These occur when the thin layer of tendon on the finger swells-up and balloons-out. These cysts feel hard, although they are filled with fluid and are often removed through surgery.

Giant Cell Hand Tumors

Similar to ganglion cysts in appearance, but much larger in size, giant cell hand tumors are solid tumors that occur on the hand. These tumors form due to excessive and uncontrollable tissue growth around the tendons and joints in the hand. Although they are benign and harmless, your doctor may choose to monitor the tumor’s progress for some time, before a treatment plan is established, to prevent any problems.

Epidermal inclusion cysts

These cysts occur as a result of a deep cut or wound just underneath the skin. When you hurt yourself, your skin produces keratin to protect your tissues and re-build the deeper levels of the skin. Sometimes, when skin cells are trapped underneath the layers of keratin, small raised bumps may form on your hand. These are epidermal inclusion cysts and they are completely harmless.

Other non-common benign tumors

In addition to the above three benign hand tumors, there are a few more benign tumors that may occur in the hand and wrist region. These include:

  • Neuromas – These tissues occur on the nerves in the hand and can be very painful. They need to be treated immediately, to prevent neurological complications in the hand.
  • Fibromas – These tumors develop on the fibrous adipose tissues and other connective tissues of the hand.
  • Lipomas – These are one of the most routinely-encountered fatty tissue tumors. They can occur anywhere on the hands, wrists, upper arms and shoulders.
  • Glomus tumors – These tumors occur under the fingernails and they affect the fingers on which they’ve developed.

If you are suffering from a hand tumor, schedule a consultation at Hand and Microsurgery Medical Group. Our team is standing by to assist you and help you get the care and attention you need.

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